That certainly seems to be the case with Madden

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Countless new players have joined Electronic Arts' (NASDAQ:EA) EA Player Network because the beginning of April. Gamers were highly engaged during the pandemic, which led to solid earnings for the business last quarter, but the lingering question on investors' minds has been long this phase of heightened player action could endure. The most recent sales statistics for Madden nfl 21 coins, which was released on Aug. 28, might hint at the answer.

EA reported that sales of the new Madden are up nearly 20% year over year in the first week following release. The game is also being played with more than 17 million games played at the new mode, The Yard. This includes following Madden NFL 20 experienced its own record year for its franchise with the maximum engagement levels in its own history. Live providers include in-game spending Madden and FIFA Ultimate Team.

Player acquisition in Madden NFL 20 was up 140% year over year last quarter. This trend also performed in FIFA 20, which brought seven thousand new players. As Chief Operating Officer Blake Jorgensen said during the July earnings forecast,"This is important, in that people who have played the game lately are more inclined to obtain the new one"

That certainly seems to be the case with Madden. The growth in sales to the latest version comes after CEO Andrew Wilson explained previously that the consumption of entertainment and sports is shifting from linear to interactive. "We've seen both of these trends accelerate throughout the COVID-19 period," he said. When revenue of cheap mut coins madden 21 are any sign, EA may end up having a very strong fall season of gaming and continued expansion in dwell solutions revenue.