I don't think that's it

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In that scenario, though not launch a few low-effort? Even if it's something like a string of full-game solos (those need to Mut 21 coins be easy to program) with big coin benefits, and another NAT GT in the end? Or some objective lists (again, can not be hard) that reward packs or some sort of loyalty incentive? These would take no incentive would take very little effort, and they'd make the community especially more happy. There are ways to keep down costs, minimize package purchasing, and make the customers happier.

I concur with you. Just trying to consider how this could make sense avg number of players on the internet is an integral performance metric for Madden? So, while they aren't currently gon na proceed to literally run gamers off, they don't wish to make a good deal of incentive to even come in the game? I dunno. I really do still believe some kind of loyalty promo will come along though. I'm glad because I strongly disagree with it you threw this one out there. The community believes EA is just lazy in terms of putting out content.

I don't think that's it. Individual men and women are lazy. But in regards to companies that are significant, there is a hierarchy and direction and that. It is basically the job of that beaucracy to keep tabs on this stuff, make plans, and to keep pushing individuals to always keep doing more. So to me, when articles dries up like this, I do not think it's an injury or laziness. I think it's intentional. I think your next scenario might be place on saying sometimes it feels like theyre just being lazy.

Employing corona/blm as an excuse to skip out on material, ending the game early and shit like that. Totally agree with you however, theyre probably just keeping the bar lower for next year. They might have done something with Black Lives Matter. Place in cards of cheap Madden 21 coins American trailblazers from the NFL. Obtain the rights to a number of the black players. Set up with information on race in NFL history.