A likely small portion of the community does really play

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The overabundance of OSRS gold top level players in content not always designed for them forces mid level players to get better in the game or be unable to do that content. A good example is God Wars Dungeon: the four initial bosses clearly aren't designed for 138s that may power through hundreds of kills, but if you are not a 138, you do not have an opportunity: hence the material is locked to a greater level. Skillcapes put unusual impetus to receive a skill to 99 because every 99 currently has an actual reward, even if there is no real content involving a mid to high level and also a maxed level. This ensures that while the xp is awful, players will keep going for that skill.

Players loudly complain every time a skill is made simpler as it"cheapens" the match. Zezima stopped as things were too easy for newer players, and he wasn't alone. He felt it devalued his acheivement. I would love to visit a debate on how this might be fixed without wrecking the game. Can it be an impossible answer? I believe not. Here are my thoughts: Insert worthwhile content from the bottom up. When there isn't any material in levels 70-99 of Herblore, add things from level 70 upward, not 99 downwards. Reduce the severity of the xp curve out of, say, 70 onwards. Skills should take more time to level, but not 10 times as much. That never utilized to be an issue until it became crucial to level that high. . .now it is for many people since there's really up content there. But there has to be a means of earning mid level content seem more worthwhile and not merely a means to an end (high level content) but I am not certain what that would be.

A likely small portion of the community does really play for the grind and sense of achievement. Mainly the individuals aiming for 200m abilities, they gain nothing in the process generally by means of articles and enjoy playing. You can go kill bandos for 200 kills/trip? Why? The only end game I believe runescape having is player killing, which isn't very alluring to many.

That I simply don't see why folks set content-related objectives, this game has such inferior content in reality. Unless, of course, you enjoy questing, but by 70+ skills you can essentially have pursuit cape which requires hardly any hours comparatively speaking. It's easy enough already tbh, all you need is time. Dungeoneering isn't even much of a"skill" skill, since you are reliant upon 4 other peoples abilities too. In case Jagex made solo dungeoneering up to 350k exp/hr, I think that it becomes a skill-skill. Article might have only been a mess of unorganized ideas by my main point is this: I think that if you eliminate the grind RS07 Gold you eliminate a lot of the game.