Ranking Of The Best Small Forwards In NBA 2K21 MyTeam

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who is the best? which cards are worth it?

If you’re just starting MyTeam this year, you’re into challenges and multiple lineups. The small forward position has strikingly rose in popularity for basketball. These MyTeam cards exemplify some of the game's best small forward!

Paul Pierce '08 (96)

Thankfully, for Paul Pierce's sake, his 96 overall card doesn't have a rating for television commentary. Despite never looking like a world-class athlete, Pierce was a scorer and clutch performer for the Boston Celtics and helped them win a championship. He was able to average 19.6 points per game and and 4.5 assists per game, while still getting 1.3 steals per game as a defensive player. He has the highest overall small forward card in MyTeam.

Elgin Baylor '72 (95)

Baylor was a gifted shooter, a strong rebounder, and an accomplished passer. Renowned for his acrobatic maneuvers on the court, Baylor regularly dazzled fans with his trademark hanging jump shots. However, he stood at just 6'5" but managed to average almost 20 rebounds in a single season. This 95 overall card has zero weaknesses as long as you're not expected to be your primary ball-handler or playmaker.

Paul George (95)

During the 2020 NBA Playoffs, which took place in Orlando, Florida, George drew frequent criticism from NBA fans and media for his inconsistent performance. Whether you enjoy the jokes at his expense or not, George was a legitimate superstar in Indiana for the Pacers. This 95 overall card is more a throwback to that era of his career and doesn't reflect his recent Los Angeles struggles.

Bernard King '93 (95)

At 6 ft 7 in and 205 pounds, Bernard King epitomized the explosive, high-scoring NBA small forward of the 1980s. With his long arms and quick release, King was a tremendous scorer. Speed permeated his game, whether cutting to the hoop or finishing on the fast-break. King led the NBA in scoring in the 1984–85 season with 32.9 points per game. Although his card is a 95 overall, it is a liability both in rebounding and defense, so many equip him as your 6th man of the bench if you acquire it.

Luka Doncic (95)

After just two seasons in the NBA, Luka Doncic has already solidified his place among the league’s most dynamic superstars. His playmaking ability, size, and versatility are comparable only to LeBron James and Ben Simmons. This unique ability presents opposing teams with a difficult task. This shows in his stat lines which are massive in scoring and rebounding, with some nice ball distribution mixed in. MyTeam has rewarded the youngster with a 95 overall card that's an absolute bucket from anywhere on the court and a solid playmaker in its own right.

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